Monday, October 22, 2012

Sociocultural Aspects of Schooling for ELs (555; Daoud)

I have created a personalized social justice action plan, centered around literacy, designed specifically for my future English learners. My plan addresses how I will tackle this, as a future teacher of English learners, will addresses developing critical literacy skills to help increase academic literacy. This is an issue of social justice because students who cannot master academic English are at a clear disadvantage in being able to compete in the workplace in the future and are less likely to be successful in accomplishing their goals. English language learners, in particular, have a difficult time mastering academic English. Additionally, English learners usually are very adept at mastering the use of English in social settings, leading teachers to overestimate their understanding of new material. Increasing the literacy of English learners and perhaps even motivating them to engage with reading independently will make it more likely that they will understand new, complex, and abstract material.

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