Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Supporting Adolescent Development (511)

o    3. Read one of the following articles and identify strategies to support adolescent development (TPE 8: Learning about Your Students):

After reading the above articles, I created a list of strategies to support adolescent development:

·        Regular class meetings

·        Students voice opinions, concerns

·        Review; questions

·        Provide feedback to teacher

·        Teachers see students as individuals

·        Establish support networks with other professionals, such as counselors, other teachers, administration, parents, etc.

·        Helps better understand student holistically

·        Give students a voice

·        Allow them to express themselves

·        Give them choices when opportunities

·        Get to know students as individuals

·        Small talk

·        Ask about their hobbies

·        Build Real-Life Connections

·        Participate in outside activities (coaching or football games)

·        Use students’ backgrounds and interests in class examples and activities

·        Favorite sports, movies, songs, etc.

·        Develop a bond

·        Learn student names

·        Welcome them to class

·        Help them identify long-term goals

·        Build a sense of community with your students

·        Provide a safe, low-risk, comfortable learning atmosphere

·        Promote student-student connections (group activities, discussions, etc.)

·        Be culturally aware; celebrate diversity


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