Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quiz Reflection

Were you stressed when you read you were taking a quiz? Why? What was the purpose of the quiz? Was this formal or informal? How did you take the quiz? How did I communicate expectations? What was the evaluation criteria? How were you able to receive feedback or self-assess your learning? What supports were in place to assist you? How was this low stakes? When do you want to use quizzes? What supports can you provide to support student success?

I wasn’t stressed when I took the quiz, probably because I’ve taken so many quizzes in my life. In addition, the quiz was taken at home, which is a more comfortable environment. Because of this, it was an informal assessment. I took the quiz by reading over the syllabus. Then, I read the questions on the quiz. I re-read the syllabus again before answering the questions so I could answer them more accurately. The professor communicated expectations by outlining them in an organized way on the syllabus. The evaluation criteria was being able to answer the questions using short answer in my own words. I will receive feedback on the quiz once it’s graded. My self-assessment is that I understand the syllabus better because of the quiz. The supports in place to assist me were the 511 website and syllabus. It was a “low stakes” quiz because I could take the quiz at home, the syllabus was easily accessible, and the quiz is not worth a lot of points. I will want to use quizzes for my future students as a way to check for understanding. Supports I can provide include: reviewing the material before taking the quiz (perhaps by playing a game, like Jeopardy), providing the students with reading materials, both from the text and supplementary (handouts), and allowing students to re-take the quiz after learning what their mistakes were.

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