Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rethinking Schools Reflection

Subscribing to Rethinking Schools will give me a great toolkit that I can use as a teacher to effectively reach a diverse student body, full of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. Rethinking Schools is a periodical that addresses the issues surrounding diversity, equality, and justice in schools. Today’s teachers must teach classes rich with students from various multicultural backgrounds. Students who can be taught more as individuals will become better life-long learners since they will be simultaneously taught to identify themselves and how they learn. In addition, my subscription to Rethinking Schools gives me access to back issues on-line, allowing me access to even more articles. Using such a tool will help me identify both sides of the story, particularly when I need to teach the history of biology. For instance, when teaching students how the structure of DNA was discovered, I will introduce students to Drs. Watson, Crick, and Franklin, the last of which often is omitted. Dr. Franklin, being a woman, had to deal with severe gender inequality. I could use articles on gender inequality in Rethinking Schools to emphasize how far women’s rights have come in science today compared with just a few decades ago.

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