Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Birmingham Grid for Learning-Multiple Intelligences

I had taken this quiz before. See below for my original results and interpretation of that assessment. Both assessments yielded similar results, indicating a dominant strength in linguistic skills and other strengths in naturalistic, visual, and interpersonal skills.

This assessment evaluated 7 different possible areas of intelligence: naturalist, musical, logical, existential, interpersonal, kinesthetic, verbal, intrapersonal, and visual. I scored the highest in verbal: 100%, then 90% in intrapersonal skills, 80% in visual, kinesthetic, and existential intelligence. Finally, I scored the lowest in musical and logical intelligence (50% and 60%, respectively).

I know this assessment is meant as a “snapshot in time” and that it can change. I expected to score low in musical intelligence. I was never exposed to music as a child and, regrettably, never learned to play a musical instrument. I’ve been learning to play guitar and piano, as of late, and I wonder how it might change and develop the underdeveloped musical area of my brain.

I scored the most highly in oral intelligence (100%), an intelligence based off of reading, writing, speaking, and communicating with others. I enjoy working with others in groups, and I enjoy lapsing into storytelling mode to explain simple things. I’ve always enjoyed the English language, vocabulary, and spelling. I love to write, and I keep a journal and several blogs. I was in the spelling bee several times when I was in school, and I sometimes read the dictionary for fun. Crossword and word puzzle games are among my favorite sorts of games to play; I do 3 crosswords a day just to relax. My second most favorite games to play are memorization games. All of these traits are hallmarks of oral intelligence. This fits well with my personality but I never realized it was an intelligence modality before.

Overall, this assessment shows that I’m fairly balanced in many different measures of intelligence (receiving a 70% or higher in all but two categories). I scored second highest in Intrapersonal Intelligence, which is an intelligence associated with self-awareness and moral values. This category fits me well since I am very committed to my pursuits and goal-oriented. I enjoy self-reflection and am aware of my strengths and weaknesses. In addition, fairness, equity and independence are very important values to me. As expected, I scored highly in the visual intelligence category, which agrees with my learning modalities assessment. I tend to learn best by looking at pictures or seeing notes in front of me. I also understand directions best when I can read them; whereas, if I hear the directions orally, I have a hard time understanding. I also scored 80% in existential intelligence, which parallels my educational philosophy, as determined by Assessment 1: existentialism.

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