Friday, September 21, 2012

What is Science? (545 Methods; Session 1)

How would you define science?
Science is a subject that tries to understand the natural world around us and how it works. In order to do that, science relies on developing testable questions and experiments to find out the true nature of things. This process is highly logical, systematic, and as objective as possible.
How should it be taught in high school?
Students need to learn how to think critically. They need to approach problems logically, and science can teach students how to solve problems independently. In addition, science should help students develop a logical thought process to question and review statements that are said around them. For instance, just because something is on t.v. doesn’t mean it’s true. Students need to learn how to form educated opinions based on facts.
What do you think is important for you to learn this year?
I want to learn how to make science fun and interesting to my students. I also want to learn how to use demonstrations in the classroom to excite them. I want to learn about purposeful experiments students can do to learn how to explore questions through the scientific method. I also want to learn how to diversify my teaching style to reach a diverse number of students. Finally, I would like guidance on discipline and classroom management.

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