Monday, November 26, 2012

Differentiation Strategies (511)

·       Survey students to i.d. learning styles

·       Extraversion—energized through action and interaction

·       Introversion—reflection and solitude

·       Sensing—pay attention to facts; reality; past experiences; very cautious; experiences; like every rung to be in place before proceeding

·       Intuition—pay attention to hunches; connections and analogies; leap steps to connect different ideas; willing to make mistakes; reluctant to go back or practice by repetition

·       “Let me master it”—introversion & sensing; like direct instruction and practice work

·       “Let me do something!”—extraversion & sensory; learn through movement, interaction; hands-on activities

·       “Let me think!”---introversion and intuition; unique and creative solutions; resist classical rules and guidance

·       “Let me brainstorm!”—extraversion and intuition; process best out loud with partners or group; transfer knowledge to new situations easily.

·       Strategies: hands-on manipulatives (e.g. like model kit for translation; monomers to polymers; or organic chemistry molecules).

(This applies to TPE 6D.) 


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