Monday, November 26, 2012

Drawbacks to a Scripted Curriculum (511)

(TPE 9 & 10)

·       No teacher creativity

·       Utmost control of teachers

·       “Teach to the test” mentality

·       No opportunities for “teachable moments” or hidden curriculum

·       Like replacing teachers with robots; produces automaton-like “teacher in a box”

·       Road to brainwashing; NOT teaching students to think for themselves, question, or think outside the box

·       If you have a student that takes you off script with a good question, you just don’t teach it?!

·       Insulting to teachers’ ability to teach; disregards teacher intelligence

·       Teachers don’t have to think about their teaching or push their own professional development (advancement in the field)

Au, Wayne. (Spring 2012). Playing Smart, Resisting the Script, Rethinking Schools, 26(3)

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